Our Pricing

Our editing service aims to bring the English expression in your manuscript up to a level suitable for publication in an international journal. Our fees are as follows:

Standard (usually 5-6 business days). Approximately US$18-20 per page of 250 words. The rate charged depends on the complexity of the work.
Fast Completion (1-3 business days). Higher rates apply for urgent assignments requiring rapid completion.
Large Assignments. For large undertakings (>12,000 words), the fee would work out less than the rates above.

An administration fee of US$18 is added to the cost of each assignment.

We accept payments by credit card or funds transfer.

Our pledge to you

  • All of our specialist editors hold a PhD in science.
  • If you are not satisfied with our work we will work with you to achieve the result you desire, or refund the fee if necessary.
  • We will treat your paper with the utmost confidentiality.

When thinking about the cost of editing, ask yourself this:

How much has the research in my manuscript cost? First there is the obvious: your salary, your office, your equipment, your computer, your coffee machine….But then there are the intangibles: your time, your dedication, your hopes, your reputation… The former can be quantified. You might, perhaps, find that when you add up all the costs associated with the research in your paper then you get a figure of, say, $50,000. The latter, however, are more difficult to quantify. How much are your hopes worth? How much do you value your reputation in the field? Now ask yourself this: Am I after the best scientific editing service for my valuable research? Or am I after the cheapest? Likely your answer will be that you want the best. So if we are not the cheapest, bear in mind that you will only be saving the difference between our price and that cheaper price, which might be only 0.1% of the cost of the research in your manuscript