About Us

English Manager Science Editing is an Australian business founded in 1999 that aims to provide a fast, efficient high-quality English language scientific editing service. We are a team of experienced scientific editors with backgrounds in diverse fields.

Dr. Scott Butler

Managing Editor

Scott completed his Ph.D. in 1995 in the Department of Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Sydney. Subsequent to this, while working as a postdoctoral researcher, he completed a course in editing at the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism. Scott has edited scientific documents in a wide range of disciplines, with a particular emphasis on engineering, chemistry and physics. His strong analytic skills and scientific knowledge are complemented by his interest in the arts and the performance of classical music. He has a reading knowledge of Spanish.

Dr. Susmita Hunt

Senior Biosciences Editor

Susmita brings to English Manager Science Editing excellent editing and writing skills combined with a background as a research scientist in the fields of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Susmita obtained her doctorate in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Birmingham for her work on the characterization of the proton pump transhydrogenase. Following this she worked for two years as a Research Fellow in the Institute of Cancer Studies, University of Birmingham. While working as a research scientist, Susmita published a number of papers and presented her findings at conferences in the USA and Europe. The enjoyment Susmita derived from communicating her scientific discoveries ultimately led her to leave the laboratory for a career as a scientific editor and writer.