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Online English Dictionaries [Top]

Online Science Dictionaries [Top]

Online Dictionaries in Other Languages [Top]

Online Writing Resources [Top]

Online LaTeX Resources [Top]

Online Science Resource Sites [Top]

  • Science.komm - An excellent site with links to a large number of online scientific resources. Highly recommended as a starting point when searching for science-related content on the Internet.

  • SciCentral - Provides some useful links and information about companies, jobs, databases and journals. It is part of the scientific e-commerce site SciQuest.com.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Resources [Top]

  • About.com ESL home page - Features links to a variety of resources for people who use English as a second language.

  • False Friends - Links to lists of 'false friends' (words in different languages that sound similar but have different meanings) for English-German, English-Spanish and English-French. 

Magazines/Journals [Top]

Favorite Search Engines [Top]

  • Google - A reliable search engine that has one of the smartest algorithms for ranking sites.