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Click here to make a Credit Card payment. For information on the cost of our services go to our Fees page.

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Methods of Payment [Top]

Credit Card – We accept Bankcard, Visa and MasterCard. The easiest method of payment is through our Secure Internet Payment Service. If you would prefer, you can print out our Fax Cover Sheet, fill in the Credit Card details and fax this document to us. We do not store credit details.

Electronic Funds Transfer– Payment can be made by direct transfer of funds to our Bank Account. Please ask us for more details if you would like to use this payment method.

Billing and Refunds [Top]

Our policy is to require payment only once the client expresses satisfaction with the work. Payment must be made within 14 days of completion of the work. For large assignments it may be required that a part of the bill be paid in advance. Should a client have paid a part of the bill in advance and is not happy with the work, this advance will be refunded.

Secure Internet Payment Service [Top]

The Secure Internet Payment Service of the National Australia Bank offers customers the best possible security and privacy when making Credit Card payments over the Internet. The key to this system is that, after entering the invoice number we have given to you and the amount to be paid, you are transferred to the secure payment area of the National Australia Bank's Web site. It is only on the Bank's Web site, which features state-of-the-art security, that you enter your credit details. Your privacy is assured because using this method you deal direct with our Bank and we never see your credit details.

Click here to make a payment

Steps in Making a Payment [Top]

  1. Go to our Credit Card payment page.

  2. Enter the amount to be paid and the invoice number (supplied by English Manager Science Editing) on the payment form and press the 'pay now' button.

  3. You are transferred to the Payment Page in the secure payments area of the National Australia Bank's Web site.

  4. On this page you should check that the displayed invoice number and total purchase amount are correct.

  5. You are prompted to enter your Credit Card details (i.e. Credit Card type, card number, expiry date, cardholder name) and email address to which the system will forward payment acknowledgement.

  6. You are requested to confirm the details before continuing with the payment process.

  7. Based on the processing results, either an 'Approval' or 'Unsuccessful' message is displayed as your Payment Record. You can print or save this payment record.

  8. A confirmation email is sent both to us and to you.

  9. You are returned to the English Manager Science Editing Web site.

Click here to make a payment