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Secure Credit Card Payments

English Manager Science Editing accepts Bankcard, Visa and MasterCard.

We use the Secure Internet Payment Service of the National Australia Bank, one of Australia's largest financial institutions. Click here for more information about the excellent security of this service and the easy to follow steps you will follow in the payment process.

Payment Form

Please enter the amount to be paid and the invoice number provided by English Manager Science Editing in the spaces below. You will be transferred to the secure payment area of the National Australia Bank Web site.


1. In order to use this service you must have 'Cookies' enabled on your Web browser. In general this option is 'on' when the browser is loaded.

2. If you are running pop-up blocking software, you will need to deactivate it to access the payment page.

Invoice number (as given by English Manager Science Editing)

Amount in Australian dollars (including decimal place) eg. 109.88