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Our Scientific Editing Service

  • English Manager Science Editing offers an online science editing and proofreading service for all types of scientific texts (articles, conference presentations, posters, manuals, grant proposals, etc.)

  • We have specialist scientific editors with Ph.D.'s covering a wide range of disciplines, including all areas of medicine and biomedicine; physics; chemistry; biochemistry; engineering; biology; ecology; zoology; and geology
  • We employ scientific editors who are not only professional editors but have also worked and published as scientists.
  • Our scientific editors are accustomed to helping non-native speakers of English to perfect their scientific texts.
  • Reasonable pricing: editing a scientific paper usually costs US$100-350, depending on the length of the text and the amount of work required.
  • We provide no-obligation quotations for the cost of our services. You need only email us all or part of the document.
  • We have a secure Internet payment service that is easy to use and assures the privacy of your credit details.
  • See our useful list of links to online science dictionaries and resources.

General Introduction

The ultimate aim in scientific research is to share your hard-won results with other scientists throughout the world. The best way to achieve this is to publish scientific papers in major academic journals or present your research at an academic conference. Nowadays this usually means writing in English.

English Manager Science Editing provides an online scientific editing service that helps scientists to clearly project their ideas in English. We have scientific editors capable of editing scientific texts in many academic disciplines. Whether you work in chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, geology, biochemistry, engineering, or another discipline, we have a scientific editor capable of correcting your text.

Our Editing Service Will Help Get You Published

Our science editors ensure that your text is well written, making it more likely that a scientific journal will accept your work for publication. When journal referees read the edited text they need only concentrate on your research, without the distraction of errors in the grammar and spelling, or imperfectly presented ideas.

Editing Science For Non-Native Speakers of English

The rise of English as the international language of science has meant that scientists who are non-native speakers of English are forced to write in English. Our scientific editors are experienced in helping non-native speakers to present their ideas in an academic English appropriate for their text, and in the style of a native speaker of English.


"I was more than surprised about the detailed and brilliant work you did. Many thanks for this stunning paper." [Medicine]
"Thank you very much for your excellent editing" [Chemical Engineering]
"Thank you for your good work... Our paper has been published."  [Molecular Biology]
"Thanks for your precise correcting and kind suggestions. I'm very satisfied with your work." [Environmental Science]
"I am very pleased with your good work." [Chemical Physics]
"You have done a very good job. Thanks, also, for finding typos in two equations." [Biochemistry]
"Our review received rave reviews - in large part due to your outstanding editing." [Biology]
"I'm satisfied with your correction services. The changes you have made throughout the manuscript are clear and perfect." [Physical Chemistry]
"Thanks a lot for this impressive work." [Ecology]
"Thank you for your prompt and excellent work." [Surgery]
"Thanks again for a very good job." [Biochemistry]
"Thank you very much for your excellent editing" [Physics]
"Thank you for your editing my manuscript. I really like the corrected work. I strongly recommended your editing service to my colleagues" [Pharmacology]
"Thanks for your work. The manuscript looks very nice now. I read it carefully and I agree with your comments. Thanks a lot for this fine editing work." [Zoology]
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